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John Perry Barlow 

James Boyle

Harry Hillman Chartrand

Kenneth D. Crews 

Ester Dyson

William W. Fisher III 

Paul Geller

Peter A. Jaszi

Mark Lemley

Lawrence Lessig

Martha Beth Lewis

Jessica Litman

David Loundry

Anthony McCann
Hector McQueen
Dale C. Mead 
David Nimmer
L. Ray Patterson

Matthew Rimmer

Alan Rowoth

Pamela Samuelson 

Hideaki Shirata 

David Vaver

Stefanie Weigmann

John Perry Barlow - All
168 South Franklin, Pinedale, Wyoming 82941-1009
Phone: 307-367-2466 Fax:307-367-4502

5. The Next Economy Of Ideas
Wired Magazine, 2000/10

4. A Cyberspace Compendium
Private Censorship/Perfect Choice: Speech and Regulation on the Net Conference
The Information Society Project at Yale Law School, 99/04/9-11
3. Declaring Independence
Wired Magazine, 98/06
2. A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, 96/02/08
1. The Economy of Ideas: Selling Wine Without Bottles on the Global Net
Wired Magazine, 94/03


James Boyle - Law (USA)
Duke University Law School, Durham, NC, USA, 27707
Phone: 919 613-7287 

9. The First Amendment and Cyberspace: The Clinton Years
    Law & Contemporary Problems, Vol. 63, Spring/Winter 2000

8. A Non-Delegation Doctrine for the Digital Age
     50 Duke L. J. 5 (2000)

7. Conservatives and Intellectual Property
    Text of a Speech to the National Federalist Society Annual Meeting in Washington DC. 
       Engage Volume 1, 2000/04 p.83

6. The Relations of Reproduction -- Times Literary Supplement
     published as "A Sense of Belonging" Times Literary Supplement 97/07/14 

5. Foucault in Cyberspace 1997

4. A Politics of Intellectual Property: Environmentalism for the Net?
   47 Duke L.J. 87 (1997)

3. "Sold Out"  New York Times
    New York Times, 96/03/31 

2. Intellectual Property Policy On-Line: A Young Person's Guide
     10 Harvard Journal of Law and Technology 47 (1996)

1. A Theory of Law and Information: Copyright, Spleens, Blackmail and Insider Trading
    80 Calif. L. Rev. 1413 (1992)

Harry Hillman Chartrand - All (Canada, Profit)

Compiler Press - All
215 Lake Crescent, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada, S7H 3A1
Tele/Fax: (306) 244-6945


Canadian Copyright Reform Policy Research Note #1: The Global Context, Compiler Press, July 31, 2009

Preface: Cultural & Intellectual Property - Cult of the Genius to The Compleat Multilateral Cultural Property & Related 1874-2008, Agreements, Charters, Conventions, Covenants and  Treaties, Compiler Press, February 2009, ISBN 978-0-9689523-8-2 

Multilateral Intellectual & Cultural Property Rights Regime, Conference on International Economics & Economic Research, University of Saskatchewan, Oct. 18, 2008

The Compleat Multilateral Trademark & Industrial Design Agreements,Conventions & Treaties 1883-2008, Compiler Press, August 2008, ISBN 978-0-9689523-6-8

The Compleat Multilateral Patent & Related Agreements, Conventions & Treaties 1883-2008, Compiler Press, July 2008, ISBN 978-0-9689523-7-5

Software: Copyright, Patent or Something Else?, Compiler Press, April 23, 2008

Equity & Aboriginal Title, Compiler Press, January 31, 2008  

Revolt of the Copyrights, Compiler Press, January 2, 2008

Introduction: The Compleat Multilateral Copyright & Related Agreements, Conventions, Covenants & Treaties, 1886-2007, Compiler Press, March 2007

The Compleat Multilateral Copyright & Related Agreements, Conventions, Covenants & Treaties 1886-2007, March 2007, ISBN 978-0-9689523-5-1

The Canadian Copyright Act 1921-2006: Historical, Cultural, Economic, Legal & Political Significance, Compiler Press, September 2006.

The Compleat Canadian Copyright Act 1921-2006: Present, Past & Proposed Provisions, September 2006, ISBN 0-9689523-4-8.

Copyright C. P. U. Creators, Proprietors & Users, Journal of Arts Management, Law & Society, 30 (3), Fall 2000 

Copyright & The New World Economic Order, Compiler Press Review #3, July 1999

Copyright & Libraries, Compiler Press Review #2, August 1998

Copyright & Education, Compiler Press Review #1, May 1998

The Compleat Canadian Copyright Act, 1921 to 1997: Current, Past and Proposed Provisions of the Act, Compiler Press, Saskatoon, October 31,1997.

The Compleat Canadian Copyright Act, 1921 to 1996: Current, Past and Proposed Provisions of the Act, Compiler Press, Saskatoon, May 1997.

Intellectual Property in the Global Village, Government Information in Canada, 1 (4), 1995


Kenneth D. Crews - L (US, Academics)
Associate Professor of Law and Library and Information Science
Director, Copyright Management Center, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
IUPUI University Library
755 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-5195
Phone: 1-317-274-4400 Fax: 1-317-278-3301

12. Copyright Law and Graduate Research: New Media, New Rights and Your New Dissertation, 2000

11. Ecommerce
in Learning Cyberlaw in Cyberspace, Fall 1999

10. Copyright, Distance Education, and New Technologies: Meeting the Needs of Indiana Educators and Copyright Owners in A Digital Society
A report to the United States Copyright Office prepared by Indiana Commission for Higher Education and Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education Working Group and Copyright Committee

9. Harmonization and the Goals of Copyright: Property Rights or Cultural Progress?
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, Volume 6 Issue 1 Fall 1998

8. Copyright and Digital Libraries: The U.S. Perspective and International Implications
Digital Library Journal, University of Library and Information Science, Tsukuba Science City, Ibaraki 305-8550, Japan, 97/11

7. Viewpoint...Serving copyright's ultimate goal
Home Pages Indiana University, 97/05/09

6. Update on the MDS Decision 96/06/18

5. Princeton University Press v. Michigan Document Services, Inc., 96/06/12

4. "What Qualifies as 'Fair Use'?"
The Chronicle of Higher Education, 96/05/17

3. Copyright and Distance Education: Lawful Uses of Protected Works, 1995

2. Copyright Law, Libraries, and Universities: Overview, Recent Developments, and Future Issues, 92/10

1. Copyright Law and the Doctoral Dissertation: Guidelines to Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities, 1992


Ester Dyson - Internet (USA)
Chairman, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Phone: (212) 924-8800 Fax: (212) 924-0240

6. Call It `Genester'
Computer News Daily, 00/07/18

5. Open Mind, Open Source
Release 1.0, 98/11

4. Labels and Disclosure
Release 1.0, 96/12

3. Intellectual Value: A radical new way of looking at compensation for owners and creators in the Net-based economy
Wired, 95.07

2. Intellectual Property on the Net -Release 2.0
Release 1.0, 96/01

1. Intellectual Property on the Net
EFF "Publications" Archive 95/01


William W. Fisher III - Law (US, Academics)
Hauser Hall 410, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138.

3. Digital Music: Problems and Possibilities, 00/03/18

(left frame, scroll down)

2. The Growth of Intellectual Property: A History of the Ownership of Ideas in the United States in Eigentum im internationalen Vergleich, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1999.

1. Property and Contract on the Internet, Draft 99/05/01


Paul Geller - Law (US, Academics)
Attorney at Law; Adjunct Professor, International Intellectual Property
Post Office Box 1440, Topanga, CA 90290 USA
Phone: 310.455.2087 Fax: 310.455.4069
Website: and info on

Articles (left frame)
1.  Synopsis of International Copyright: An Introduction, framework chapter in the treatise International Copyright Law and Practice
2. Litigating Cross-Border Infringement in International Intellectual Property: Some Practice Tips and Caveats
3.  From Patchwork to Network: Strategies for International Intellectual Property in Flux
4.  International Intellectual Property, Conflicts of Laws, and Internet Remedies
5. Toward an Overriding Norm in Copyright: Sign Wealth
6.  Zombie and Truly Dead Works Arise from Public-Domain Graves: Berne and E.C. Retroactivity
7.  Hiroshige vs. Van Gogh: The Copyright Dilemma


Peter A. Jaszi - Law (USA)
Professor of Law, Washington College of Law
Room 394, 4081 Massachussets Ave. NW Washington D.C., USA 20016
Phone: 202-274-4216

10. Online Town Hall Meeting: Napster Chat with American University Professor Peter Jaszi, 2001/03/07

9. Testimony of Professor Peter Jaszi On Behalf of the Digital Future Coalition Before The U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress And The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, U. S. Department of Commerce, Docket No. 000522150-0287-02, 2000/11/29

8. Association of Research Libraries Membership Meeting Proceedings, 99/05

7. Oral Testimony of Peter Jaszi on Behalf of the Digital Future Coalition before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 98/09/10

6. Is This the End of Copyright As We Know It?
Nordinfo Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, 97/10/9-10

5. Workshop on Technology of Terms and Conditions Report of Working Group 4,  Columbia University, 96/09/24-26

4. Some Public Interest Considerations Relating to H.R. 3531 Database Investment and Intellectual Property Antipiracy Act of 1996, 96/08/28

3. Taking the White Paper Seriously
Library of Congress Network Advisory Committee, Network Planning Paper Number 30, 95/12/3-5

2. Opposing Copyright Extension, Legislative Materials (104th Congress), Testimony of Professor Peter Jaszi, Senate Committee on the Judiciary Hearings on S. 483, 104th Cong., 1st Sess., 95/09/20

1. "Toward a Theory of Copyright: The Metamorphoses of `Authorship'"
1991 Duke L.J. 455, 485-91


Mark Lemley - Law (USA)
Professor of Law
University of California-Berkeley, School of Law, Boalt Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-7200, USA
Phone: 510-643-2670 Fax: 510-643-2672 

7. Beyond Preemption: The Federal Law and Policy of Intellectual Property Licensing
California Law Review, Vol. 87, p. 111, 1999
Full Text: available as PDF file download 

6. Sony v. Connectix: Brief Amicus Curiae of Law Professors in Support of Appellant, 99/06

5. Freedom of Speech and Injunctions in Intellectual Property Cases
by Mark A. Lemley & Eugene Volokh
48 Duke L.J. 1998

4. Dealing With Overlapping Copyrights on the Internet
22 U. Dayton L. Rev. 547, 1997
Full Text: available as PDF file download 

3. Romantic Authorship and the Rhetoric of Property
75 Tex. L. Rev. 873, 1997
Full Text: available as PDF file download 

2. Encouraging Software Reuse
   by Mark A. Lemley & David W. O'Brien
Stanford Law Review, Vol. 49, 97/02

1. Brief Amicus Curiae of Ammerican Committee for Interoperable Systems in Support of the Appellees, 96/03


Lawrence Lessig - Law (US, Academics)

Jack N. and Lillian R. Berkman Professor for Entrepreneurial Legal Studies, Harvard Law School
Pound Hall 511, 1563 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138 
Phone: 617-495-7547 Fax 617-495-7641
Email: lessig@POBOX.COM


12. The Limits of Copyright
The Standard, 00/06/19,1151,16071,00.html
11. Open Code and Open Societies (v.1)
Keynote Address: Free Software - A Model for Society, Tutzing, Germany, 00/06/01
10. Architecting for Control
Keynote Address: Internet Political Economy Forum, Cambridge University, UK, 00/05/11
9. The Code in Law and Law in Code
PC Forum, 00/03/15, draft
8. Amicus Brief in United States v. Microsoft, 00/02/01

7. Commons Law.  June 24, 1999

6. Commons and Code
Media Convergence, Fordham, 99/04/05
5. The Law of the Horse: What Cyberlaw Might Teach
Harvard Law Review, Vol. 103, 99/03/12
4. Cyberspace's Architectural Constitution
Text of a Lecture at WWW3, Amsterdam, 1999
3. Jefferson's Nature 99/03/27
2. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Copyright
Atlantic Monthly, 98/09
Round 1 Opening Remarks:
1. The Laws of Cyberspace
Taiwan Net'98 Conference, 98/03


Martha Beth Lewis - Performing Arts

Copyright & Music
    1.  What May Be Copyrighted
     2. Music and the Fair Use Clause
     3. Examples of When the Fair Use Clause Does Not Pertain
     4. Public Domain Works
     5. Obtaining Copyright Protection and Registering Works
     6. Length of Copyright Protection
     7. Self-Publishing and Copyright
    8.  Work for Hire and Copyright Protection
     9. Out-Of-Print Works and Copyright Protection
     10. Copyright Links of Interest


Jessica Litman - Law (US, Academics)

World Wide Web Pages for WSU Law School classes

4. New Developments in Cyberspace Law (current)
3. Lex 7136 -- Copyright, Fall, 1999
2. Lex7831 -- Trademarks and Unfair Competition, Fall, 1999

1. Lex 8256 -- Seminar: The Law in Cyberspace, Fall, 1998


15. Information Privacy/Information Property
     52 Stanford Law Review 99/11/30 draft (pending 2000)
14. Electronic Commerce and Free Speech
     1 Journal of Ethics & Information Technology #4 (pending 1999)
13. Breakfast with BatmanŽ: The Public Interest in the Advertising Age
     108 Yale Law Journal 1717, 1999
12. Digital Copyright and Information Policy
     in Globalization of Intellectual Property in the 21st Century: Europe, Asia and the Internet, Kraig M. Hill et. al.,299 CASRIP Publication Series Number 5, 1999
11. The Tales that Article 2B Tells
     13 Berkeley Technology Law Journal 935, 1998
10. Reforming Information Law in Copyright's Image
     22 University of Dayton Law Review 587, 1997
9. Copyright Noncompliance (or why we can't "Just say yes" to licensing)
     29 New York University Journal of International Law & Policy 237, 1997
8. New Copyright Paradigms 
     in Laura A. Gassaway, Growing Pains 63,1997
7.Copyright and the Internet in the United States
     International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property, 1997 Annual Meeting, Paris, 97/07/07
6. Revising Copyright for the Information Age
    75 Oregon Law Review 19, 1996
5. The Exclusive Right to Read 
   13 Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal 29, 1994
4. Copyright and Electronic Access to Information
     1 First Monday, 96/10
3. Trademark Law and Internet Domain Names, 95/11
J     ohn F. Kennedy School of Government
2. Rights in Government Generated Data, 94/10 
     Department of Spatial Information Science and Engineering, University of Maine
1. Green Paper Testimony, 94/09/22 
     American Committee for Interoperable Systems


David Loundry's E-Law Page - Law
D'Ancona & Pflaum, LLC
111 East Wacker Drive, Suite 2800, Chicago, Illinois 60601-4205
Phone: 312-602-2000

8. Computer Information Systems Law and System Operator Liability
Seattle University Law Review, Volume 21, Number 4, Summer, 1998
see: IX. Copyright Issues (scroll down)

7. The good, bad, ugly of copyright law rewrites.
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 98/01/08

6. Online Copyright Cases Can Simply Be Difficult.
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 97/12/11

5. Revising the Copyright Law for Electronic Publishing
4 John Marshall J. of Computer & Info. L., 1, Fall, 1995

4. Vigilante Copyright Enforcer Aims at Freeloaders.
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 96/07/11

3. Authors waging fight in Brave New World.
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 96/03/07

2. Internet Case Shows Copyright Act Needs Revision
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 95/12/13

1. Bill to Amend Copyright Act Needs Work
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 95/10/12


Anthony McCann - Music
PhD Candidate
Thesis: Copyright as a Key to Cultural Analysis: An Analysis of Copyright in the Context of Irish Traditional Music
Irish World Music Centre, University of Limerick, Limerick, Republic of Ireland

Addressing the Social: Irish Traditional Music and the Copyright Debate, 99/08/05

Thesis Links


Hector McQueen - Law (UK, Institutes)
SCRIPT: Shepherd and Wedderburn Centre for Research in Intellectual Property and Technology
University of Edinburgh
Phone: 0131-650-2060 Fax 0131-662-4902 

3. The 1998 Directive: A Political Compromise
Lecture given to the Copyright Association of Ireland in Dublin, 2000/07/11

2. Intellectual Property in a Peripheral Jurisdiction
Annual Lecture to the Scottish Branch of Society for Computers & Law 99/06/22

1. Copyright and the Internet
in L. Edwards and C. Waelde (eds.), Law and the Internet: Regulating Cyberspace, Oxford,

Hart Publishing, 1997, pp. 67-93

Dale C. Mead - All (US, Nonprofit)

History of Copyright


David Nimmer - Law (US, Profit)

"Time & Space"
IDEA: The Journal of Law and Technology 1998


L. Ray Patterson - Law (US, Academics)

8. A Response to Mr. Y'Barbo's Reply
Journal of Intellectual Property, Vol. 5, No.1, Fall 1997
7. Regents Guide to Understanding Copyright and Educational Fair Use
Journal of Intellectual Property, Vol. 5, No.1, Fall 1997
6. Hyperlaw, Inc.,Plaintiff-Appellee, v.West Publishing Company, Defendant-Appellant.
On Appeal From The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York
Brief For Amicus Curiae American Association Of Legal Publishers --

Second Circuit Text Appeal, 97/11
5. Michigan Document Services Inc. and James M. Smith, Petitioners, v. Princeton University Press, MacMillan Press Inc. and St. Martin's Press Inc.
Brief of Amicus Curiae In Support of Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals of the Sixth Circuit, 97/02/17
4. Oasis Publishing Co. vs. West Publishing Co.
Brief of Amicus Curiae, American Association of Legal Publishers
United States Court of Appeal for the Eighth Circuit, No. 96-2887, 96/09/03
3. The Scope of the Fair Use Doctrine: Unofficial Opinion
Department of Law, State of Georgia
with Michael E. Hobbs, 96/02/14
2. Copyright and "The Exclusive Rights" of Authors
The Journal Of Intellectual Property Law, Vol. 1, No.1, Fall 1993
1. Mocking the Monopoly of Copyright


Matthew Rimmer - L (Australia, Academics)

Faculty of Law, Australian National University


Rimmer, M.  "The Dead Poets Society:  The Copyright Term and the Public Domain", First Monday, June 2003, Vol. 8, No. 6, URL:  For a rejoinder to this article, see Lessig's response:

Rimmer, M. "Virtual Countries: Internet Domain Names And Geographical Terms", Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy, February 2003, No. 106, p. 124-136, abstract available at

Rimmer, M. "Beyond Blue Gene: Intellectual Property And Bioinformatics", International Review of Industrial Property And Copyright Law, January 2003, Vol. 34 (1), p. 31-49,  abstract available at

Rimmer, M. "Crystal Palaces: Copyright Law And Public Architecture", Bond Law Review, December 2002, Vol. 14, No. 2, p. 320-346, URL:, E-Print:

Rimmer, M. "Daubism: Copyright Law And Artistic Works",

Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law, December 2002, Vol. 9, No. 4, URL:

Bowrey, K. and Rimmer, M. "Rip, Mix, Burn: The Politics Of Peer To Peer And Copyright Law", First Monday, August 2002, Vol. 7, No. 8, URL:  For a rejoinder to this article, see Weatherall's response:

Rimmer, M. "Heretic: Copyright Law And Dramatic Works", Queensland University of Technology Law And Justice Journal, May 2002, Vol. 2, No. 1, p. 131-149, article available at

Rimmer, M. "Napster: Infinite Digital Jukebox Or Pirate Bazaar", Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy, February 2001, No. 98, p. 27-38, abstract available at

Rimmer, M. "Bangarra Dance Theatre: Copyright Law And Indigenous Culture", Griffith Law Review, 2000, Vol. 9, No. 2, p 275-302, abstract available at

Rimmer, M. "The Demidenko Affair: Copyright Law, Plagiarism And Ridicule",

Media And Arts Law Review, September 2000, Vol. 5, No. 3, p 159-176, abstract available at

Rimmer, M. "Four Stories About Copyright Law And Appropriation Art", Media And Arts Law Review, December 1998, Vol. 3, No. 4, p 180-193.


Rimmer, M.  "The Legal Helix" in an issue entitled "Copyrighting The Genome: 

Database Owners Stifle Gene Research", Australasian Science, August 2003, Volume 24, Number 7, p. 20-22,  A short version of the forthcoming paper, "The Public Library of Science:  Intellectual Property and Scientific Publishing".

Book Reviews

Rimmer, M.  "Information Feudalism:  Who Owns The Knowledge Economy.  A Book Review", Prometheus, 2003, Vol. 21, No. 1, p 127-132, E-print:

Rimmer, M. "The Artist Is A Thief: A Book Review", Muse Magazine, November 2001,

Rimmer, M. "Mauve: How One Man Invented a Colour that Changed the World. A Book Review", European Intellectual Property Review, July 2001, Vol. 23, No. 7, p. 352-353.

Case Notes

Rimmer, M.  "Intellectual Property and Scientific Publishing", Incite, August 2003, Vol. 24 (8), p. 8.

Rimmer, M.  "Albert Namatjira:  Copyright Estates and Traditional Knowledge", Incite, June 2003, Vol. 24 (6), p. 6,

Rimmer, M.  "Damned To Fame:  The Moral Rights Of The Beckett Estate", Incite, May 2003, Vol. 24 (5),

Rimmer, M.  "Gone With The Wind:  Copyright Law and Fair Use", Incite, April 2003, Vol. 24 (4), p. 6,

Rimmer, M. "Free Mickey: The Copyright Term and the Public Domain", Incite, March 2003, Vol. 24 (3), p. 12,

Policy Submissions

Rimmer, M. and Omar, I.  "Submission to the Digital Agenda Review Issues Paper", September 2003,

ALIA Copyright and Intellectual Property Advisory Group. "Submission to the Copyright Law Reform Committee: Copyright Law and Contracts", August 2001,

Rimmer, M. "New Challenges In Scientific Publishing", ANU Reporter, August 2003, Vol. 34 (3), p. 15,

Rimmer, M.  "The Legal Helix" in an issue entitled "Copyrighting The Genome:  Database Owners Stifle Gene Research", Australasian Science, August 2003, Volume 24, Number 7, p. 20-22, and

Baker, L. "Copyright Laws Fail Indigenous Artists", ANU Reporter, Friday 20 July 2001, Vol. 32 (10), p 3,


Alan Rowoth - Performing Arts
P.O. Box 307, Liverpool NY 13088-0307
Phone (315) 457-0310 ext 143 Fax (708) 570-6529

1. Finding Copyright info on the internet


Pamela Samuelson - L (US, Academics)
School of Information Management and Systems
University of California at Berkeley, 102 South Hall , Berkeley, CA, USA, 94720-4600
Phone: (510) 642-6775 Fax: (510) 642-5814

N.B. Many of Samuelson's web works are available through the Communication of the ACM 
(Association for Computing Machinery - 
This is a pay-subscription site. Where available, relevant 
articles have been linked to 'free sites'.

48. The Digital Dilemma: A Perspective on Intellectual Property in the Information Age
Presented at the Telecommunications Policy Research Conference '00 (with Randall Davis).

47. "Five Challenges for Regulating the Global Information Society"
in Regulating the Global Information Society,  (Chris Marsden ed., Routledge, 2000)

46. "Economic and Constitutional Influences on Copyright Law in the United States"
in United States Intellectual Property Law (Hugh Hansen ed., Sweet & Maxwell, forthcoming 2000).

45. Towards More Sensible Anti-Circumvention Regulations
Proceedings of Financial Cryptography 2000 Conference (forthcoming 2000).

44. Privacy as Intellectual Property?
Stanford Law Review, draft, forthcoming 2000

43. Intellectual Property And The Digital Economy: Why The Anti-Circumvention Regulations Need To Be Revised
14 Berkeley Technology Law Journal 519 (1999)

42. Intellectual Property and Contract Law for the Information Age
87 California Law Review 1 99/01

41. Intellectual Property and Economic Development: Opportunities for China in the Information Age, 98/10

40. Does Information Really Want To Be Licensed?
unedited copy, Communications of the ACM, 98/09

39. Does information really have to be licensed?
Communications of the ACM, v41, n9, 98/09

38. Fair Use or Fair License?
Wired, v6.05, i100, 98/05

37. Encoding the law into digital libraries
Communications of the ACM, v41, n4, 98/04

36. Maximum Copyright, Minimum Use
Wired, v6.03, i102, 98/03

35. Database Debacle
Wired, v6.02, i101, 98/02

34. Technology in and Beyond the Classroom
Berkley Multimedia Center, 97/06

33. Professor Pam Samuelson's Letter re: Tyson/Sherry Report 97/10/23

32. Big Media Beaten Back
Wired, v5.03, i64, 97/03

31. Embedding technical self-help in licensed software
Communications of the ACM, v40, n.10, 97/10

30. The Never Ending Struggle For Balance
Communications of the ACM, v40, n5, 97/05

29. Bibliography for Law 276: Cyberlaw 1997

28. Legal protection for database contents
Communications of the ACM, v39, n.12, 96/12

27. On Author's Rights in Cyberspace: Are New International Rules Needed?
First Monday, 96/10

26. Regulation of Technologies to Protect Copyrighted Works
Communications of the ACM, v39, n7, 96/07

25. The Copyright Grab
Wired Issue 4.01, 96/01

24. Intellectual Property Rights and the Global Information Economy
Communications of the ACM , v39, n1, 96/01

23. Software Compatibility and the Law
Communications of the ACM, v38, n8, 95/10

22. Brief Amicus Curiae of Copyright Law Professors in Lotus Development Corp. v. Borland Int'l, Inc.,
Journal of Intellectual Property Law, v3, i103, Fall 1995

21. Re: Intellectual Property in the Digital Age (Esther Dyson's article) 95/06/29

20. patenting program behavior, 95/06/29

19. Re: Responding to Nit Picking the Manifesto, 95/06/29

18. Re: New Book on Computer Interface Issues, 95/06/28

17. Copyright and Digital Libraries
Communications of the ACM , v 38, n3, 95/04

16. Legally Speaking: The NII Intellectual Property Report
Communications of the ACM, 94/12

15. Self-Plagiarism or Fair Use?,
Communications of the ACM, v37, n8, 94/08

14. Copyright, Digital Data, and Fair Use in Digital Networked Environments
Electronic Superhighway: The Shape of Technology and the Law to Come
Centre de recherche en droit public (CRDP), University of Montreal, 94/05

13. Copyright's Fair Use Doctrine and Digital Data,
Communications of the ACM, v37, n1, 94/01

12. Intellectual Property Rights for Digital Library and Hypertext Publishing Systems
6 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology 237 (co-authored with Robert J. Glushko) 1993

11. Computer programs and copyright's fair use doctrine
Communications of the ACM, v36, n9, 93/09

10. The ups and downs of look and feel
Communications of the ACM, v36, n4, 93/04

9. Liability for defective electronic information
Communication of the ACM, v36, n1, 93/01

8. Updating the copyright look and feel lawsuits
Communications of the ACM, v35, n9, 92/09

7. Developments on the intellectual property front
Communications of the ACM, v35, n6, 92/06 (with Michel Denber, and Robert J.Glushko

6. Copyright law and electronic compilations of data
Communications of the ACM, v35 n2 p27, 92/02

5. Digital media and the law
Communications of the ACM, v34, n10, 91/10

4. First Amendment Rights for Information Providers?
Communications of the ACM, v34, n6, 91/06

3. Is Information Property?
Communications of the ACM , v.34, n3, 91/03

2. Should program algorithms be patented?
Communications of the ACM, v33 n8, 90/10


1. Good Legal Writing: of Orwell and Window Panes
46 University of Pittsburgh Law Review, Fall 1984


Hideaki Shirata - All
Room 917, Faculty of Social Sciences, 3242 Aihara-machi, Machida-shi, Tokyo, (ZIP) 194-02, Japan

The Origin of Two American Copyright Theories: A Case of the Reception of English Law


David Vaver - Law (New Zealand, Academics)
Reuters Professor of Intellectual Property and  and Information Technology Law
The Faculty of Law
University of Oxford
St Cross Building, St Cross Road OX1 3UL

10.The Copyright Mixture in a Mixed Legal System: Fit for Human Consumption?
Electronic Journal of Comparative Law, Vol. 5.2, May 2001

9. (a) The enforcement of copyright and related rights under the TRIPS agreement
(b) The dispute settlement procedure under the TRIPS agreement, 00/04
8. Moral Rights: The Irish Spin, 99/12/06
7. The Future of Intellectual Property Law: Japanese and European Perspectives Compared, 99/09
6. Introduction to Issues of Current Concern in European Intellectual Property law, 99/08
5. Recent Copyright Developments in Europe, 99/06
4. Intellectual Property : Where's the world going?, 99/01
3. Venturing into Intellectual Property Jointly and Confidentially, 98/12
2. Internationalizing Copyright Law: Implementing the WIPO Treaties, 98/11
1. Copyright and the State in Canada and the United States, 95/05/12


Stefanie Weigmann - Law
Senior Reference Librarian and Instructor, Boston University School of Law

Researching Intellectual Property Law in an International Context