The Compleat Multilateral Trademark & Industrial Design   

Agreements, Conventions & Treaties

1883 - 2008

ISBN 978-0-9689523-7-5

Compiler Press  


In the Public Domain subject only to my moral right to the integrity of the work and its paternity.

THIS is a reference work documenting 125 years of the multilateral trademark & industrial design regime beginning with the Paris Convention of 1883. It forms part of Compiler Press’ ongoing publishing program to document the legal foundations of the global knowledge-based economy, i.e., intellectual property rights or ‘IPRs’.

The term ‘multilateral’ means relations between three or more Nation-States and/or International Organizations. The work consists of five principal parts:

1. Introduction: outlines the organization and limitations of the work. It also provides a summary overview of knowledge as property bought and sold in a global marketplace. Such transactions, however, are subject to the varying legal traditions of Nation-States as well as terms and conditions of the contemporary multilateral IPR regime including national treatment and adjustment of domestic law to accord with ratified multilateral Instruments;

2. Multilateral Lexicon: includes some eighty-five ‘legal terms’ defining the types of Instruments making up the multilateral trademark & industrial design regime and the terms and conditions for their performance. The Lexicon has been distilled from many sources.  The Editor is solely responsible for its composition, errors and/or omissions.  Capitalized Terms therein generally refer to other entries in the Lexicon itself; 

3. Summary Index of Instruments: thirty-eight multilateral trademark & industrial design related Instruments are presented by summary title organized geographically – Global, Africa, Americas (Latin & North), Europe and South-East Asia. 

4. Instruments: each has been fully indexed and presented in a standardized format to facilitate comparison. Originals are not published in a standard format nor, in many cases, do they include full titling of provisions and/or indexing. References in originals are, however, fully maintained.  The status of each Instrument is also reported, e.g., when and how Nation-States and International Organizations became party.  For a comparison of a Compiler Press presentation with originals, please see: Convention for the European Patent for the Common Market 1975:   Original  vs. CMIPRS. ; and,

5. Web Directory to Sources & Instruments which, in the electronic edition, provides ‘live’ links to homepages of relevant International Organizations such as WIPO and to specific Instruments reported herein.  This feature is intended to allow researchers to easily update the work. 

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581 pages, ISBN 978-0-9689523-6-8

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0. Multilateral Lexicon            

1. Vienna Conventions on Treaties

(a) On the Law of Treaties 1969    

(b) Treaties between States & International Organizations 1985

2. World Intellectual Property Organization Convention (WIPO) 1967, 1979

3. WIPO Agreement with World Trade Organization (WTO) 1995


Industrial Property

4. Industrial Property (Paris Convention)  

1883, 1900, 1911, 1925, 1934, 1958,1967, 1979

5. Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) 1994


Industrial Design

6. Classification of Industrial Designs (Locarno Agreement) 1968, 1979

7. Hague System:

(a) Act of 1925/1960    

(b) London Act 1934  

(c) Monaco Act 1961       

(d) Stockholm Act 1967    

(e) Geneva Act 1999



8. Appellations of Origin (Lisbon Agreement) 1958, 1967, 1979

9. Classification of Marks (Nice Agreement) 1957-1979

10. Figurative Elements of Marks (Vienna Agreement) 1973, 1985

11. Law on Trademarks (Singapore Treaty) 2006

12. Madrid System

(a) False or Deceptive Indications 1891

(b) Registration of Marks 1891   

(c) Registration, Protocol 1989, 2006 

13. Olympic Symbol (Nairobi Treaty) 1981 

14. Trademark Law Treaty 1994        


African Intellectual Property Organization

15. Bangui Agreement 1977, 1999       


African Regional Intellectual Property Organization

16. Bangui Protocol on Marks 1993-1999    

17. Harare Protocol on Industrial Design 1982-2004


   Latin America

Andean Community

18. Industrial Property Decision No. 486, 2000            


19, Trademark Harmonization Protocol 1995     


20. Mexico-European Free Trade Agreement

Title IV: On Intellectual Property 2000

Pan-American Union

21. Protection of Trade-Marks (Buenos Aires Convention) 1910

22. Marks & Commercial Names 1923   

23.Trade Mark & Commercial Protection 1929

24. Trade Mark Registration Protocol 1929

   North America

25. North American Free Trade Agreement 

 Part Six: Intellectual Properties 1994


European Economic Area

26. EEA: Protocol 28 1994-2007  

European Free Trade Area

27. EFTA Convention: Chap. VII & Annex J 1960, 2001

28. EFTA & Singapore Agreement Article 54 & Annex XII 2002

European Union

29. Approximate Trade Mark Laws 1988

30. Design Protection 1998         


31. ASEAN Framework Agreement on  Intellectual Property Rights 1995

32. Web Directory to Sources & Instruments