The Compleat Multilateral Copyright & Related

Agreements, Conventions, Covenants & Treaties

 1886 - 2007

ISBN 978-0-9689523-5-1

Compiler Press


Vol. I - The Compleat Multilateral Intellectual & Cultural Property Rights Series

THIS is a reference work documenting 121 years of multilateral copyright relations beginning with the Berne Convention of 1886.   By ‘multilateral’ I mean relations between three or more Nation-States. Bilateral copyright has a longer and more troubled history. It was such troubles that led to the complex contemporary multilateral copyright regime of 62 agreements, conventions, covenants and treaties compiled herein (see List of Instruments).

On the one hand, this work is the record of multilateral attempts to accommodate new ways of fixing the expression of ideas or knowledge onto a material matrix thereby creating new works subject to copyright, e.g., ‘talking’ pictures, radio and television, VCRs, DVDs, WWW, et al. In the process, streams of royalties are created and sometimes successfully exploited fostering the industrial organization of a knowledge-based economy. On the other hand, it is the record of multilateral attempts to recognize and reward creators – Natural and Legal – to foster learning and grow the public domain, in effect, to grow the national knowledge-base. It is thus a summary record of multilateral attempts to balance the conflicting interests of creators, users and proprietors of copyrighted works with the self-interest of Nation-States in the context of ever accelerating technological change.  Excluding an Executive Summary, the work consists of four parts:

1. Introduction: explaining its structure, organization and limitations as well as an historical, cultural, legal and geo-political assessment of its significance;

2. Summary Index of Instruments: naming each multilateral instrument and page numbering its text followed by a Multilateral Lexicon of terms;

3. Instruments: each has been fully indexed and presented in a standardized format to facilitate comparison.  Originals are not published in a standard format nor, in many cases, do they include full titling of provisions and/or indexing.  References in originals are, however, fully maintained.  The status of each Instrument is also reported, e.g., when and how Nation-States and International Organizations became party.  For a comparison of a Compiler Press presentation with originals, please see: Convention for the European Patent for the Common Market 1975:   Original  vs. CMIPRS; and,

4. Meta Index: an index of indexes permitting a reader to scan the Index of each instrument in numeric order.

None of the 62 instruments have an index in their original. Furthermore the vast majority have no titling for chapters, sections or articles. An Editor’s Note at the beginning of each instrument Index indicates if titling has been added. Where it proved possible additional titling was derived from provisions of the Berne Convention. Titling and indexing is a major value added by this work.

The 913 page compilation of instruments is preceded by a forty-one page Introduction explaining the structure, organization and limitations of the work as well as its historical, cultural, legal and geo-political significance

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1. Berne Convention 1886

2. Circulation of Obscene Publications 1910

UN Protocol 1949

3. Circulation of &Trafficking in Obscene Publications 1924

UN Protocol 1947

4. Film Registration 1989

5. Indigenous Nations 1994

6. Type Face (Vienna Agreement) 1973

7. UN Commercial Samples & Advertising Materials 1952

8. UN Performers, Producers of Phonograms & Broadcasting

Organizations (Rome Convention) 1961

9. UNESCO Cultural Diversity 2005

10. UNESCO Educational, Scientific & Cultural Materials

(Florence Agreement) 1950

Protocol (Nairobi Agreement) 1976

11. UNESCO Exchange of Publications 1958

12. UNESCO Government Documents 1958

13. UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage 2003

14. UNESCO Visual and Auditory Materials

(Beirut Agreement)  1948

15. UNESCO/WIPO Double Taxation 1979

16. UNESCO/WIPO Folklore 1984

17. UNESCO/WIPO Producers of Phonograms 1971

18. UNESCO/WIPO Satellites 1974

19. UNESCO/WIPO Tunis Model Law on Copyright

for Developing Countries 1976

20. Universal Copyright Convention 1952

21. WIPO Convention 1967

22. WIPO Copyright 1996

23. WIPO Databases 1996

24.  WIPO Integrated Circuits (Washington Treaty) 1989

25. WIPO Performances & Phonograms 1996

26. WIPO-WTO Agreement 1995

27. WTO GATT Provision 1947

28. WTO TRIPS Agreement1994



The Americas

29. Inter-American Copyright Convention 1902

30. Buenos Aires Convention 1910

Revision 1928

31. Pan American Copyright Convention 1946


Latin America

32. Common Provisions on Copyright and Neighboring

Rights, Andean Community 1993

33. Montevideo Treaty 1939


North America

34. Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement 1988

35. North America Free Trade Agreement 1994




Council of Europe

36. CE Audiovisual Heritage 2001

Protocol  2001

37. CE Broadcasts from Outside National Territories 1965

38. CE Conditional Access 2001

39. CE Cybercrime 2001

40. CE Transfrontier Broadcasting by Satellite 1994

41. CE Transfrontier TV 1989

Protocol 1998

42. CE TV Broadcast Protection 1960

Protocols 1965, 1974, 1983, 1989

43. CE TV Film Exchange 1958


European Union

44. EU Computer Programs 1991
45. EU Cultural Diversity 2006
46. EU Databases 1996
47. EU Electronic Commerce 2000

48. EU Harmonizing Certain Aspects of

Copyright 2001

49. EU Harmonizing Term of Copyright Protection 1993
50. EU Illegal and Harmful Content on Global
Networks 1999

Amendment 2003

51. EU Rental & Lending Rights 1992

52. EU Resale Rights 2001

53. EU Safer Use of the Internet 2005
54. EU Satellite Broadcasting & Retransmission 1993
55. EU Topographies of Semiconductors 1986

56. EU WIPO Copyright Treaty and Performances

& Phonograms Treaty 2000



57. UN Direct Television Broadcasting 1982

58. UNESCO Access to Cyberspace 2003

59. UNESCO Moving Images 1980

60. UNESCO Status of the Artist 1980

61. UNESCO Traditional Culture & Folklore 1989

62. UNESCO Translators & Translations 1976