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* With the Oct. 31, 2009 closure of my American webhost of 11 years (AtFreeWeb) links to articles posted on this site are generally broken.  Readers are directed to the Alphabetic Bibliography to access most references.  Sorry for the inconvenience.




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For the American Economics Association,  Cultural Economics falls under:   

Z000 - Other Special Topics: General

Z100 - Cultural Economics: General
Z110 - Economics of the Arts
Z120 - Religion
Z130 - Social Norms and Social Capital; 
Economic Anthropology


For the Journal of Economic Literature, it falls under: 

Z - Other Special Topics
Z00 - General
Z1 - Cultural Economics
Z10 - General
Z11 - Economics of the Arts
Z12 - Religion
Z13 - Social Norms and Social Capital  


For me, 'cultural economics' falls under the heading: 'life's work'.  There are two dimensions to my work.  The first is captured by the formal disciplinary classifications, by accident I am sure, that is the 'human zoo' nature of cultural economics.  Maximizing behavior (or economic behavior) takes place within the context of culture and law.  If one forgets culture, one ends up in the cannibal's cooking pot.  If one forgets the law, one ends up in jail.  Neither outcomes is 'maximizing'.  My perception of the position of 'cultural economics' within the history of economic thought is presented in my 1989 article published in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada: The Hard Facts: Perspectives of Cultural Economics.


The second concerns the role of the arts as an economic factor of production that pervades every aspect of the economy from automobiles and aircraft to entertainment and education to health care and highways to temples of worship and tourism.  Like the air, art is everywhere that human life exists, has existed and will ever exist.  A more complete rationale can be found on my other website The World Cultural Intelligence Network (WCIN) at . 


For purpose of this website I present my life's work as a cultural economist.  My reasons for e-publishing these works are two-fold.  The first is simply vanity.  The second is to provide anyone interested in the interface between culture and economics with an initial entry into the field of cultural economics including the wide ranging references at the end of each article.  Articles will cover the period from the mid-1970s (when the site is fully operational) to the present (whenever that happens to be).  I will add both historic and current articles as I can.  Please advise me of any problems with the site or specific articles and make any comments or questions.


Harry Hillman Chartrand

Cultural Economist & Publisher

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