The Compleat Copyright Modernization Act of 2010

Compiler Press

September 7, 2010

1.0 Introduction

This work is intended to aid those concerned with copyright reform in Canada, specifically the impact and implications of Bill C-32 – the Copyright Modernization Act.   It is intended as a time saver and issue organizer

Bill C-32 was introduced by the Government into the House of Commons for first reading on June 2, 2010.  It will go to committee when Parliament resumes in late September 2010.  Witnesses will be called; opinions solicited and argued.  It is hoped that this work will assist all parties in clarifying their discussions.

It demonstrates the impact of Bill C-32 on the structure and content of the Copyright Act using the Index and Chronology developed for Compiler Press’ Compleat Canadian Copyright Act: Past, Present and Proposed Provisions.   The Index and Chronology are, for purposes of this work, cross-referenced to provisions of Bill C-32.


2.0 Copyright Act Index

The Index of the Copyright Act comes in two parts.  Part 2.1 by Major Heading (3 pages) uses headings preceding numbered sections of the Act to reveal its overall structure and content.  Part 2.2 by Section Heading (19 pages) uses section titles together with Major Headings. 

To aid review changes proposed in Bill C-32 are colour coded according to four types of change: added, amended, repealed or replaced.  For purposes of this work:

added” means an entirely new section or sections are to be included in the Act;

amended” means in 2.1 by Major Heading that there are changes of some kind, e.g., a heading, section or subsection added, amended, repealed or replaced.  In the case of 2.2 by Section Heading it means there are changes to sub-sections but not to an entire section of the Act;  

repealed” means a section or sub-section no longer has the force of law, e.g., repeal of compulsory licensing of sound recordings provisions by S.C. 1993, c. 44, s. 61; and,

 “replaced” means an entire section or sections of the Act are to be replaced by new ones.


3.0 Bill C-32: Copyright Modernization Act (CMA)

This work includes a ‘read-easy’ version of Bill C-32 in dual column English only (30 pages).  


4.0 Copyright Act Chronology

The Chronology records changes to the Copyright Act between 1921 (the first ‘made-in-Canada’ Act) and 2010 (12 pages).  This includes private members bills from 1997 onwards.  Annotated highlights of actual and proposed changes are provided.


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